Chartered Surveyors in Abingdon

Chartered Surveyors in Abingdon

With extensive experience providing detailed surveys and reports in the local area of Abingdon and further afield, RMA Surveyors Ltd provide an essential, reliable service to clients in Abingdon, whether you’re looking to buy a home or for a professional to manage your building contract, RMA Surveyors Ltd have you covered. We offer a range of different surveys including Building Surveys, Homebuyers Reports and more. We also well as a variety of Project Management services. As an independent business, RMA Surveyors Ltd provide impartial advice and reports when conducting a survey, meaning we provide you with solid facts and information about the property in question.

RMA Surveyors Ltd have extensive local experience surveying a wide range of property types in the towns and villages surrounding Abingdon, with previous reports completed in areas such as Culham, Appleford, Dorchester, Long Wittenham and Littlemore. Our surveyors are all registered members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and we take pride in focusing on customer satisfaction as we build crucial, efficient and long lasting relationships throughout the South of England.

Valuations in Abingdon

A Mortgage Valuation is normally requested for the lender to determine whether or not the property provides enough security for them to lend upon. It is normally done purely for the benefit of the lender and often the buyer will not see the mortgage valuation. It is important to remember that a Mortgage Valuation is a brief observation of the condition of a property and not a survey unto itself.

It is therefore recommended that a more in depth survey is conducted such as a Building Survey or a Homebuyers Report to provide the buyer with all the relevant information – such as any immediate and urgent issues to do with the structural integrity of the property – before they can go ahead with, or dispute the property purchase.

We take pride in offering all clients a professional service that you can really trust, as we understand that purchasing a home is one of the most important financial decisions you can make in your lifetime, so it makes sense to have all the relevant information before you go ahead with a property purchase. Let RMA Surveyors Ltd provide you with all the information you need with an in depth Building Survey or Homebuyers Report, today.

Whether you are looking for an experienced surveyor to perform a detailed analysis on a property or you want to simply find out more information about the services we provide for clients in and around the area of Abingdon, please get in contact with us today by filling in the form below, by phone on 01635 579208 or by email at where we will respond as soon as possible.

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