UK Housing Market

RICS - UK housing marketThe latest RICS Residential Survey has revealed the following regarding the UK housing market:

There is an increasingly mixed picture across the UK housing market, according to the August 2017, UK Residential Market Survey. Although the headline level shows a return to growth, sentiment is less positive in prime central London and to a lesser extent the wider South East, alongside the North and East Anglia.

UK Housing Market: survey in brief

  • Mixed regional picture, with negative trend in prime central London in particular.
  • Solid growth in many regions, including Northern Ireland, North West, South West and Scotland.
  • National sales have not seen any growth since November 2016.

RICS press release issued: 14 September 2017. Visit for further information.


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RICS Residential Survey

RMA Surveyors Ltd, Newbury, have been reading the latest on the RICS Residential Market Survey (April 2016) with interest.

RResidential surveyICS Residential Report Highlights

– Demand from buyers drops for the first time since March 2015
– Prices continue to rise due to continued lack of supply
– Long term outlook shows prices continuing to rise across the UK


It states that the lack of supply will continue to push up UK house prices despite short term uncertainty.  You can download the full UK Residential Market Survey for further reading.

Residential Survey Advice

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RICS Residential Market Survey

ricsRMA Surveyors Ltd in Newbury, Berkshire have been catching up on the latest RICS Residential Survey.

It states that residential sales have increased, despite the continued lack of stock and highlights the following three points:

  • Agreed sales rise at the fastest rate across the UK since May 2014.
  • Prices increase further across all parts of the UK.
  • New buyer demand continues to outweigh instructions to sell.

You can download the UK Residential Market Survey for further reading.

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RICS Residential Market Survey

ricsRMA Surveyors Ltd, Newbury have been reading the latest update from RICS, regarding its UK Residential Market Survey.

It states that supply and demand varied across UK in January and 49% more London surveyors saw prices fall in January 2015.  It continues, stating that Scotland and Northern Ireland’s housing market outperformed the rest of the UK in January, with more buyer enquiries, stronger price growth and higher confidence in the outlook.  However, the national results, which are based on England and Wales only, continue to signal a cooling market and price growth has all but levelled off with just 2% more surveyors expecting prices to increase over the next three months (its slowest pace since May 2013).

You can download the January 2015 RICS UK Residential Market Survey here.

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RICS: ‘Stamp Duty Optimisim’

ricsRMA Surveyors Ltd, Newbury, has been taking a read of the RICS UK Residential Market survey for December 2014.

In a recent press release, issued by RICS, it states that: December 2014 saw a sluggish trend in new buyer demand and a tail-off in house price growth. However, stamp duty reforms are still expected to support market activity according to our latest UK Residential Market Survey.

It goes onto state in its analysis that: ‘The number of potential new house buyers dipped for the sixth consecutive month in December and price growth fell to its slowest pace since May 2013’. However, the Institution is optimistic stating that ‘the changes to stamp duty are expected to provide a timely boost to activity in the housing market across most of the country but there remain significant challenges particularly for first time buyers seeking to take an initial step onto the property ladder.’

Read the full press release and analysis here.

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3D Printed Buildings

3D-printed-homesAt RMA Surveyors Ltd, Newbury, we’re always looking to see what the future will bring in terms of building technology.

We’ve been interested to see how 3D printing has been adopted by the construction industry. In particular this collaboration between a leading architecture firm (Foster + Partners) with a concrete company (Skanska) to develop a commercial technique for creating 3D printed buildings.

Click here for further reading and to view the pictures of ten 3D printed houses, which were built in 24 hours. This technology will change the face of construction as we currently know it. It will also be interesting to see what defects may be thrown up by such technology in the future.

To see the robot that prints these 3D printed buildings in action, click here.

House Prices

ONSRMA Surveyors Ltd, Newbury has been catching up on some industry news.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed (18.11.14) that UK house prices increased to 12.1% (in the year to the end of September). This is in contrast to other surveys suggesting a slowdown. It also stated that house prices continue to increase strongly across the UK, with prices in London showing the highest growth.  

Further reading on this survey can be viewed on BBC business.

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RICS UK Residential Market Survey

ricsInteresting reading for a Friday…

RMA Surveyors Ltd, Newbury has been catching up on the latest RICS UK Residential Market Survey.

Simon Rubinsohn; Chief Economist (RICS) comments in a press release: ‘Demand and supply are looking a little more balanced, which is removing some of the upward pressure in prices, particularly in London. This is a healthy development. Part of this is down to the Bank of England becoming more vocal about the risks, part of this is down to affordability, part of this is down to the new mortgage rules and part of this is down to expectations of higher interest rates.’ 

While Peter Bolton King; Global Residential Director (RICS) wrote in his comment article (09.10.14): ‘In this country we hear cries if prices are going up and cries of doom and gloom if there is any indication of the reverse. A happy medium of stable, or gently rising prices does not make an eye-catching headline!

However, the latter is what we are seeing. Today I and other spokespeople, will do our best to get the message over that the reduced pressure on prices, particularly in London, is a healthy development and not negative news. ‘The future remains positive’ will be my comment but I bet someone will turn this into ‘market crash imminent!’.

Autumn upturn starts earlier

RMA_Logo RGBRMA Surveyors Ltd has been catching up on some industry news. reports that there are earlier than usual signs of autumn activity picking up, as September’s new listings come to market with asking prices 0.9% (+£2,474). This is higher than last month and the first rise at this time of year since 2011. Click here to read the full article.

New seller asking prices at virtual standstill

RMA Surveyors Ltd, Newbury, has just been taking a look at Rightmove’s June House Price Index. It reports that new seller asking prices are at a virtual standstill, up by just 0.1% this month.

It also highlights some early signs of a belated return to balance between supply and demand.

With comment on the current housing market, the blog makes for an interesting read.

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