System Built Construction

system built constructionWe were recently commissioned to undertake a Homebuyers survey in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. On attending the property we inspected the loft space to discover that the roof structure was formed in steel trusses and the walls were supported in steel stanchions. The property was clearly a system built construction and a Homebuyer Report would not be a suitable level of survey.

We contacted our client and explained that a building survey would be necessary. We also advised that the client should contact their lender to ensure that their mortgage offer would still be available against a system built property. Our clients contacted their lender who confirmed that they would be prepared to lend on the strength of us providing a full building survey, which we duly did.

It is not always obvious when a property is system built construction. When constructed, system built properties had a projected limited lifespan in mind. Because of this some mortgage lenders are reluctant to lend against system built properties. System built properties often perform in a very different way to more traditional forms of construction and the types of defect that can be anticipated with this type of structure often requires specialist knowledge.

If you are thinking of purchasing a system built construction property we would strongly recommend that you commission a full building survey prior to exchanging contracts.
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