Expert Witness Reporting

Specific Defects Reports

We offer our clients Expert Reports, pursuant to Part 35 of the Civil Procedural Rules, so that this evidence may be utilised at court if this becomes necessary.

We have many years’ experience providing in depth and comprehensive surveys for a range of different types of property across Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, wiltshire, Sussex, Surrey, London and the surrounding areas.  Because of our extensive experience we are able to understand a variety of building defects and make assessments of the whole structure or isolated elements.

Acting as expert witnesses our overriding duty is to the court. It is our duty to help the court on matters which are in our expertise. This duty overrides our duty to our clients. We deal with all expert matters impartially providing a credible expert opnion only in matters within our expertise.

Unfortunately when we become involved as an expert witness a dispute is usually already underway. Our involvement can crystallise the matter in contention and sometimes provide clarity to avoid litigation. Our surveyors will provide provide essential professional advice as to the existence of a defect as well as remedial advice as required.

RMA Surveyors Ltd have provided services from inspections of cracking in buildings through to a wide range of larger scale inspections including assessing defective works. These include; design and construction defects, inspections relating to timber defects, failure of masonry elements such as cavity wall ties and lintels, damp, roof coverings, structural performance and all other items which make up the structure and fabric of a building. We also advise in respect to the execution of building contracts.

RMA Surveyors Ltd will help to provide reasoned practical advice to assist the court in determining the right outcome.

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