Problem with your Property? RMA Surveyors can help!

Impact damge to houseProperty investment is expensive. Remedial works for untreated defects can be costly and can affect the saleability of the property. Therefore, it’s important to keep your property in good condition.

If you notice a potential problem, don’t leave it, get a professional to make an assessment on your behalf. The cost of a Chartered Building Surveyor’s fee may save you thousands of pounds.

If you’re unsure how serious a building defect may be, seek advice from a Chartered Building Surveyor who can visit, inspect, report and advice you, provide remedial advice and put your mind at ease.

Recently RMA Surveyors Ltd has undertaken Defect Inspections to assess a variety of defects from damp, condensation, dry rot, flooding, cracking in walls, potential subsidence and concerns over construction works to extensions.

When you instruct the services of RMA Surveyors Ltd, a surveyor will attend the property and make a full assessment of the problem. Following this inspection a Defect Report will be written, detailing the specific materials, construction, implications and other associated issues regarding the building defect or defects.

If further advice regarding reinstatement is required we will also be pleased to assist.

For more information, visit the Surveys page or call 01635 579 208.

Sink Hole Swallows Car

Sinkhole swallows carSee this brief news article where a sink hole has opened up in a residential area in Walter’s Ash, High Wycombe.

See this link for the full story.

Note how close to the building the hole is. Aside from a car being buried at the bottom of the hole, the owners of this property are no doubt seriously concerned about the stability of their building.

We can only speculate as to the cause of the hole, but the recent heavy rainfall should be a consideration.

We had brief involvement with a similar sized hole in an undisclosed location in Newbury. Our involvement was on behalf of nearby building owners was concerned of the effect is would have on their property. Fortunately we found no immediate cause for concern. However, just where and when sink holes may appear is anyone’s guess.